**** Ampersand

The worst ampersand designs in typographic history. Or, when ampersands go wrong.

Lilla Funk!

Lilla Funk! - Ampersand
Yes I know what you’re all thinking.

Sick bastards.

Rating 1.00 out of 5


Creepy - Ampersand
Bloody hell!

Shit myself when I saw this.

The designer probably shit his socks too drawing it.

Ok, enough shit, for now.

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Rating 2.33 out of 5

Priska Serif – Little Creatures

Priska Serif - Little Creatures - Ampersand

Not a word in my language. Shit is though, which is handy. This one has all the merits of a 7 year old’s drawing (i.e. none) but it’ll probably be pinned on a fridge somewhere. That’s why there is so much bad design out there, people just can’t say “that fucking sucks” when required.

Aaaaaannnyway, we got featured in the IDSGN monthly review which is a bloody surprise to be honest. Editing standards must be slipping.

Rating 2.42 out of 5

ITC American Typewriter Light

ITC American Typewriter - Ampersand
Umm, what?

Shit ampersand that’s what. (for Wednesday – the middle day.) And don't forget, there's a sale going at Joann for those of you who call yourselves crafties. Yes, I call myself one. Be sure to hit up this place for coupons for Joann. If you don't, then you fucking suck.

Rating 3.12 out of 5
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Calligraphica - Ampersand

It’s Tuesday, it’s 7 O’Clock, it’s time for the daily SHIT ampersand.


Rating 2.00 out of 5


Tablet - Ampersand

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!

We’re back – after a shitastic week off – and we’re revving up the week with Monday’s saggy sack of sorry shit the Tablet ampersand! All hail the Tablet ampersand. It's almost as sad as the haircut I got from Great Clips. But thanks to couponshortcuts.com for saving the day again with your awesome 50% off coupon.

Rating 1.50 out of 5

Technique BRK

Technique BRK - Ampersand
This fucker is phat am I right?

The longer you stare at it the more you see. But don’t look for too long, believe me! I’ve written papers on the long term damage a shit ampersand can do.

Rating 2.05 out of 5
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